Phase II Subsurface Investigations Alpharetta, GA

Subsurface Investigations near Alpharetta, Georgia

One of the essential assessments carried out at the start of engineering projects is a subsurface investigation. The primary approach for acquiring data for a report of geotechnical engineering recommendations is a subsurface investigation. Subsurface studies involve sampling and examining elements beneath the surface, such as soil, rock, groundwater, and any man-made materials. The findings of a subsurface investigation provide an “image” of what is beneath the surface, which is essential for designers and construction teams to ensure the effective completion of any project. To learn more about our subsurface investigation process near Alpharetta, GA, contact our subsurface investigators today!

Subsurface Investigation Experts in the Alpharetta, GA area

When geotechnical engineers and geologists conduct subsurface investigations, they hope to provide recommendations such as allowable bearing capacity and settlement estimates for structure foundations, earthworks, retaining walls, and slopes, as well as identify potential problems with the stability of the underlying soil and rock, as well as the presence of groundwater, which could cause problems during design and construction. The design team may engineer appropriate, cost-effective solutions prior to construction if they are aware of any potential concerns early on. This reduces delays and cost overruns while the project is being built. Call us today to speak with one of our expert subsurface investigators near Alpharetta, Georgia!