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The Economics Of Rural and Small Community Development

On Tuesday September 25th at the 2012 MAC Annual Conference, join community leaders, commissioners, and economic development and environmental experts for a panel discussion on strategies used at two distinctive rural sites. The workshop “Successful Brownfield Redevelopment in Rural Communities: Strategies to Overcome Economic Challenges in your Community” will be from 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM. Practical redevelopment case studies will include the example of a troubled Leelanau County property, which, although located within a commercial corridor, has been overlooked for years, due in large part to Brownfield conditions. The site comprises a former elementary school and tax foreclosed properties. A second example site will be discussed which is a small vacant parcel in Branch County. Even though this site is situated on a major commercial corridor and near a highway interchange, several tons of buried construction debris to depths of 12 feet has impeded redevelopment for at least 15 years. Topics discussed will include economic and redevelopment challenges, proper environmental assessment/due diligence and cleanup, and finding the right financing tools to allow for redevelopment.



Dale Swift
Chair of the Branch County Board of Commissioners & Chair of the Branch County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority


Trudy Galla, AICP
Leelanau County Planning Director & Director of the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority


Eric P. Helzer, EDFP
Regional Manager & Economic Development & Incentives Director at AKT Peerless


Dave Van Haaren
Senior Project Manager of Economic Development & Incentives at AKT Peerless

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