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Anthony Interviewed About PFAS Insights

KT Peerless Principal & Co-Founder and our resident PFAS expert, Tony Anthony, was interviewed today by WNEM TV5 in Saginaw, Michigan on the growing PFAS contamination plaguing an increasing number of communities in Michigan and around the world. Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl chemical compounds – collectively known as PFAS substances – have been identified as emerging contaminants of concern that are increasingly being discovered in water supplies around the globe.

PFAS is among the most widely used class of chemicals in the world, being found in everything from fire-fighting foam to pizza boxes to microwave popcorn, which means exposure to PFAS compounds is likely widespread. This also means the extent of PFAS contamination in our drinking water supplies is likely greater than we know.

As an industry leader in environmental remediation and a recognized expert on PFAS compounds in the environment, Tony is being sought out for his insights and expertise on PFAS, of which some are shared in his interview here.