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Barringer Management Joins AKT Peerless

Barringer Management and AKT Peerless are excited to announce a partnership between the two organizations. Effective immediately, Barringer Management will operate as a division of AKT Peerless. The teaming of the two organizations formalizes a long-standing working relationship built during many years of project collaboration.

Based in Sacramento, California, Barringer Management has always gone “the extra mile” for their clients and is often cited as one of the best environmental due diligence review service providers in the country. The combined experience and service portfolio created by the union with AKT Peerless increases the value proposition to their existing and prospective clients and enhances their reach.

Founded in Michigan, AKT Peerless brings a suite of vertically-integrated service offerings to this new alliance. These include construction loan consulting, sustainability planning, economic development incentive packaging, and a broad portfolio of environmental services spanning remediation, decommissioning, site investigations, compliance, and now enhanced due diligence capabilities.

“Barringer Management and AKT Peerless have worked successfully together for a long time, so we are quite pleased to be teaming up officially to expand our geographic reach nationwide and to further enhance the depth and breadth of our client service offerings,” said Tony Anthony, Principal of AKT Peerless. “Lizz Barringer and her team share our passion for ensuring the success of our clients and we are anxious to demonstrate our collective strengths and the synergies of this union.”

“Combining forces significantly broadens our capacity, expertise and our reach across U.S. markets,” said Lizz Barringer Lagomarsino, President & Founder of Barringer Management. “Both AKT Peerless and Barringer Management have earned the confidence of our clients by not only meeting objectives, but exceeding expectations, so in a complementary manner, joining forces will strengthen our core capabilities and allow us to leverage our considerable combined experience for the benefit of our clients.”

Barringer Management will continue to operate under the same name and will serve as the specialty due diligence division of AKT Peerless.

About Barringer Management

We are environmental due diligence specialists, successfully providing our clients with detailed and thorough environmental risk review services since 2004. Our business model emphasizes providing clients with a clear, concise understanding of the environmental risk associated with the full range of property-related business decisions, with a specialization in working with distressed properties. We identify and minimize environmental issues associated with commercial property investments, in many cases preventing substantial loss, so you can count on us to clearly describe the environmental condition of commercial and industrial properties for loan originations, property acquisitions, and foreclosures so that accurate environmental risk determinations can be made. For more information about Barringer Management, please call 1-916-448-5378 or visit us at