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  • Real Estate Environmental Risk Management
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Storage Tank Compliance
  • Economic Development Consulting
  • Construction Loan Services
  • Decommissioning Services
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Sustainability

Detroit, MI


333 W. Fort St., Suite 1410
Detroit, MI 48226

Detroit, MI Environmental Consultants

Understand Your Risk. Protect Your Investment.

AKT Peerless in Detroit, MI tailors environmental, energy, economic development and construction services to the needs of our public and private sector clients.
With AKT Peerless on your project, our building engineer experts and new building consultants will take the time to to understand your needs, advise, and deliver an innovative solution to your complex engineering challenges. Let’s talk about your project now!

Specialists in Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation

Ready to turn that factory site into something new, useful, and profitable? AKT Peerless in Detroit specializes in a variety of environmental disciplines and services to ensure your project achieves compliance, closure, or exemption from liability. With over 30 years of industry experience, we’ve earned our reputation for delivering practical solutions to complex environmental issues. From site investigations and loan reviews to tank management, solving vapor intrusion an encroachment issues to industrial hygiene and construction management services. With AKT Peerless, you’ll have a better environment for your business.  


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