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Sharon Steel, Dearborn, MI

AKT Peerless worked with the City of Dearborn to decommission this steel processing facility.

Sharon Steel, Dearborn, MI - Industrial & Manufacturing Industry Environmental Consulting - sharon_steel


AKT Peerless worked with the City of Dearborn to decommission this steel processing facility.

In 1932, Sharon Steel made a bold decision to build a steel processing plant during the Great Depression. The plant became the vital employer for a Dearborn neighborhood struggling in harsh financial times. However, in the 1980s the plant closed, leaving behind a blighted brownfield site. in 1997, the city acquired the property to revitalize the neighborhood. AKT Peerless was hired to decommission the facility and remediate the property.

The facility had several environmental issues common to steel processing operations. The acid and oil dip tanks still remained from the pickling operation. Several machine pits, associated with the steel rolling process, were filled with oily water and debris. the boiler room was fired with fuel oil stored in USTs and PCB- electrical equipment had contaminated the concrete floor. Several containers storing unknown hazardous substances were found throughout the facility.

AKT Peerless completed remedial actions and facility decommissioning, which led to the site achieving residential closure. This allowed the city to construct a new school and revitalize the neighborhood. 

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  • Preparing to develop one of Michigan’s largest Brownfield projects was a daunting task and would not have been possible without the guidance and support of AKT Peerless. Dean Kiriluk, Executive Vice President Kirco
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