Underground Storage Tank Closure Activities in Georgia


One of AKT Peerless’ major petroleum retailer clients operated a convenience store and fueling station located west of Interstate 75 in Tifton, Georgia.  The Facility had a single tank pit located on the eastern portion of the property that contained three (3) double-walled composite steel underground storage tanks (USTs), each having a storage capacity of 12,000 gallons. Two of these USTs were used for the storage of gasoline (87 and 93 octane grades) while the remaining UST stored ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. All of the tanks were installed in January 1989. The associated UST piping was constructed of double-walled fiberglass.  The property was for sale and AKT Peerless was contracted to conduct UST closure activities.

The Project

During the UST closure activities, soil associated with the UST system was found to be impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons that exceeded the applicable regulatory standards.  The source of the release was a result of faulty spill buckets. Given that this property was for sale, there was a push to expedite the clean-up of the impacted soil and to achieve a “no further action” (NFA) status with the state agency as soon as possible.

Our Role

Since the impacted soil extended to groundwater (~18 feet deep) within the tank pit, AKT Peerless successfully negotiated immediate corrective action with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GAEPD) without having to prepare a Corrective Action Plan – Part A and B, which saved significant regulator project review time and minimized correspondence.  As such, AKT Peerless submitted a modified UST Closure Report that documented the removal of approximately 668 tons of petroleum impacted soil to the groundwater table, the completion of a Sensitive Receptor Survey indicating that no supply or drinking water wells and surface water bodies were present in the immediate area, and the re-sampling of groundwater at several locations in the downgradient direction of the source area following the remedial activities.

AKT Peerless was able to save the client costs by not preparing corrective action plans and by not performing permanent well installations, significantly reducing project timeline and avoiding direct public notice of the release.  AKT Peerless successfully achieved a NFA status for the Client within 45 days.


By performing a modified Underground Storage Tank Closure Assessment, AKT Peerless:

  • Saved the Client costs by not preparing Corrective Action Plans – Part A and B
  • Saved the Client costs by not performing permanent well installations
  • Significantly reduced the amount of project time
  • Avoided direct public notice of the release
  • Achieved a NFA status within 45 days