Property Condition Assessment Reports Roswell, GA

Property Condition Assessment Report near Roswell, Georgia

A Property Condition Assessment, also known as a Property Condition Assessment Report or Commercial Structure Inspection, is a complete inspection of a commercial real estate asset that includes all upgrades and systems of each building on the property. When a property changes ownership, a Property Condition Assessment Report near Roswell, GA is usually ordered as part of the due diligence process. Before giving a loan, a lender may seek a Property Condition Assessment Report, or an investor/buyer may request the assessment before making a purchase. Some Property Condition Assessment Report can be done by a single commercial building inspector or engineer, while others may require the involvement of experts such as a mechanical engineer or electrical engineer, depending on the client’s demands and preferences.

What Is The Most Important Part On A Property Condition Assessment Report?

The Immediate Repairs Table and the Replacement Reserve Table are the most critical sections of the Property Condition Assessment Report. The Immediate Repairs Table identifies capital requirements and costs for failing or damaged building systems, as well as life safety concerns. Based on the estimated usable life of the building systems and components, the Replacement Reserve Table identifies long-term capital needs (usually within 12 years after inspection). Give us a call today to discuss a property condition assessment report.