Construction Services

Construction Monitoring

Periodic review of payment applications for ongoing construction projects.

AKT Peerless performs periodic site inspections of ongoing construction projects to ensure each project complies with the loan documents and project specifications. As part of the site inspection process, AKT Peerless also evaluates construction progress and certifies that progress has been achieved to the point indicated on the Application for Payment issued by the general contractor.

We also perform a complete review of project construction documents including change orders, material testing reports, lien waivers, and architect’s reports. In addition, our inspection process includes a review of the project’s safety conditions, quality of construction, stored materials and housekeeping.

Our comprehensive reports provide the lender with a clear understanding of the construction project’s performance, and highlights any potential pitfalls that may be impacting a project in real time. The information gathered by AKT Peerless engineers can then be used by lenders to navigate the administration and disbursement of construction loans with confidence and assurance.