Economic Development

Economic Development Planning

Leveraging financial and political resources for your community to develop a larger toolbox for business attraction or retention.

In today’s extremely competitive market for attracting and retaining jobs, economic development organizations with the best resources are simply the organizations that are most successful.  Financial and political resources need to be leveraged to generate larger toolbox for promoting their regions and delivering the necessary incentives when needed to compete with other States or areas.

Key Services

AKT Peerless provides services to maximize the effect of the programs that your organization can use as tools for business attraction or retention that include:

  • Economic Development Program Analysis
  • Economic Policy Development
  • Project Management
  • Program & Project Design
  • Project and Program Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Community Outreach
  • Economic Development Training & Workshops

Working With Us

AKT Peerless positions your community so that it will have all the tools necessary for a quick and appropriate response when an opportunity to land a new project presents itself. We have worked with hundreds of communities, large and small, observing how each one approaches economic development and the incentive programs. Our experience will present options to determine the success or failure of a project. We have a unique insight to the use and evaluation of incentives from the prospective of a potential corporate prospect to the local unit of government.

If fact, our own Eric P. Helzer, EDFP has been recently recognized and selected as the Michigan Association of County’s “Ask the Expert” program representative who will provide MAC members with direct access to our expertise in economic development.

If your community is not getting the attention it deserves, consider AKT Peerless.