Economic Development

Incentives & Project Packaging

Filling gaps in the credit industry by identifying financial incentives and structuring economic development packages to help projects to get off the ground.

We offer a number of Financial Incentive and Project Packaging services for a wide variety of incentives available for your business, community or project. Often we only need to fill a gap in the credit industry by identifying financing ranging from a few thousand dollars to many millions of dollars through our service programs.

Incentives Programs

Through careful evaluation and our depth of experience, we are able to deliver realistic approaches and quantified financial results utilizing programs in the following areas:

  • Cash Grants & Low-Interest or Forgivable Loans
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Tax Abatements
  • Tax Credits
  • Corporate Tax Reductions & Deductions
  • Free or Low-Cost Property (Land & Buildings)
  • Publicly Financed Infrastructure (i.e., Parking Structures, Roads, Water & Sewer, Parks, Landscaping, Marinas)

Federal, State and Local incentive negotiations is a specialized field which requires practitioners with the skill and experience to navigate the complicated and often confusing array of incentives available. Incentives take a variety of forms and because of this the most important part of incentive negotiations are the details of incentives offered. Restrictions of how the incentives are applied and formulas for calculating them can make an incentive that sounds very attractive, be of little or no value. Often companies and communities discover after investing significant time and professional talent that they do not qualify for programs so they become frustrated and abandon the program forever.

Working With Us

At AKT Peerless, we evaluate every new business opportunity and project on a site-by-site and business-by-business case basis to strategically determine which mix of incentives is appropriate. We have the expertise to not only assess an incentive’s true value but upon evaluation often “package” a number of incentives for a project. We take great pride in being able to manage the multiple interested parties, financial resources, and available incentives necessary to develop solutions that will result in successful development projects within our community.