Economic Development Consulting

Economic Development Consulting Services to Secure Redevelopment Incentives

We work with developers, businesses and government to return underutilize properties back to productive use by leveraging a variety of economic development tools.  AKT Peerless assists with the redevelopment of sustainable and resilient communities, often in urban settings of historically industrialized, contaminated and abandoned properties. 

Economic Incentives Analysis

AKT Peerless provides economic incentive analysis services that are tailored to specific projects, based on project scope, end use and location, and assist with filling financial gaps.  Through careful evaluation and equipped with our depth of experience, we are able to deliver realistic approaches and quantifiable financial results. Based on project need, we evaluate the following types of incentives: 1) tax increment financing; 2) tax abatements; 3) tax credits; 4) grants and loans; 5) publicly financed activities; 6) gap financing; and 7) other government programs. 

Project Packaging

Federal, state and local incentive negotiations are a specialized field which requires practitioners with the skill and experience to navigate the complicated and often confusing array of incentives available. Incentives take a variety of forms and because of this, the most important part of incentive negotiations are in the details. Understanding the restrictions on how particular incentives are applied and the complex formulas for calculating them is integral to maximizing the incentive’s value.

We take great pride in being able to manage the multiple interested parties, financial resources, and available incentives necessary to develop solutions that will result in successful development projects within our community.

Brownfield Redevelopment

Complex hurdles hindering the redevelopment of property surround Brownfield and tax reverted land. These hurdles create fear and uncertainty that become costly and time-consuming to overcome, so these tend to sites languish, impeding economic and community development. Brownfield and tax reverted land redevelopment requires professionals that understand the environmental and non-environmental conditions affecting a property.

AKT Peerless has the solutions to make these sites competitive with comparable Greenfield sites. AKT Peerless evaluates sites in terms of spurring private development activity and investment. We provide access to information and research on previous development efforts, education programs for practitioners and academics in the field, and workshops that bring together experts and local stakeholders to strategize comprehensive development initiatives for municipalities and businesses.

Grant and Loan Services

The federal, state and local government administers a wide variety of grant and loan programs aimed at numerous objectives from environmental assessment and cleanup to job growth and retention. AKT Peerless is well-versed in some of the most meaningful and impactful grant and loan programs. Our staff of experts get involved in every step of the process including eligibility determinations, financial modeling, value assessment, application writing and submittal, and reporting and management. 

AKT Peerless aligns its services with your community’s goals and objectives. We develop an optimized strategy for obtaining grant support in today’s highly competitive funding landscape. AKT Peerless has the resources and vast experience in assisting a community and non-profit based clients in seeking out additional resources needed to take on challenging projects. Our Economic Development and Incentives professionals are renowned practitioners in Federal, State and Local grant & loan programs.

AKT Peerless will assist your project or community by: 1) establishing goals and priorities; 2) locating funding sources; 3) developing funding strategies; 4) grant & loan application submittal; 5) training; 6) implementation and tracking; and 7) administration services.

Proforma and Gap Analysis

Completion of a financing gap analysis and project proforma are critically important early milestones for a redevelopment project. AKT Peerless can work with the development team to complete a project proforma and identify a financial gap and communicate a project’s financial capabilities and hardships effectively with lenders and financial institutions. 

Our Economic Development and Incentives professionals understand the current real estate market and have in-depth knowledge of the many incentive tools available to close a financing gap. Our experienced staff will present options to determine the success or failure of a project.

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