Storage Tank Compliance

Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank Services for Commercial and Industrial Properties

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and State regulatory agencies have established strict underground and above ground storage tank (USTs and ASTs) management requirements. Registration, insurance and compliance with regulatory requirements are routine challenges for tank owners/operators. AKT Peerless has extensive experience and knowledgeable staff who conduct regulatory activities for its clients in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, North and South Carolina and many others.

Tank Closure and Removal

This process is typically initiated by our clients as a result of their need to manage risk associated with the use of storage tanks. To manage this risk, AKT Peerless provides compliance inspections, tank tightness testing, insurance reviews, and spill prevention, control and countermeasure plans. In the event risk is identified, AKT Peerless expertly guides our clients through each statutory requirement to effectively close the storage tank.

Site Characterization

Should a release occur during the operation of an underground or above ground storage tank system, additional responsibilities must be undertaken by the owner/operator to comply with statutory regulations. AKT Peerless’ staff of geologists and environmental engineers are well versed in the scientific process of characterizing contaminant plumes, evaluating exposure routes through fate and transport modeling, and advising their clients of identified site risk and compliance management. All of this is efficiently executed using our own field services department which consists of two, truck mounted direct-push drill rigs. 

Corrective Action

Through the completion of site characterization activities, AKT Peerless’ staff then evaluates the necessity of a corrective action and remediation to maintain compliance and position the release for regulatory closure. Some of these corrective actions include non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) recovery, soil excavation, monitor natural attenuation (MNA), soil vapor extraction (SVE), and design and implementation of vapor mitigation systems. In addition to these corrective actions, legislation allowing the use of Risk-Based Corrective Actions (RBCA) has provided a powerful tool to close contaminated sites through the implementation of engineering and institutional controls. It is through many of these actions, that AKT Peerless’ Team is able to facilitate closure of hundreds of releases from storage tanks.   

Regulatory Reporting

AKT Peerless understands that collection and evaluation of site data is the basis for supporting closure of a release, however; none of that information is useful unless it is presented in a manner in which the regulators can interpret and approve a closure.  Our staff is comprised of Professional Engineers (PE), Professional Geologists (PG), Certified Professional Geologists (CPG), and Certified Underground Storage Tank Professionals who have demonstrated proficiency with tank closures of hundreds of former and current leaking UST sites.

AKT Peerless has experience working with several state programs including the Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR), the Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes and Energy Part 213 regulations, the Illinois Division of Petroleum and Chemical Safety, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and several others. 

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