Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation

Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation Services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sites

Vapor intrusion (VI) is one of the fastest developing environmental concerns in the United States. Federal and state laws and regulations are changing, presenting new and uncertain challenges for building owners and operators. For many years, AKT Peerless has been at the forefront of assessment, design and installation of effective VI solutions for new and existing buildings. AKT Peerless understands that a practical, cost-effective approach to vapor mitigation can be critical to the success of your project.

Vapor Intrusion Assessment

AKT Peerless develops comprehensive sampling strategies to evaluate the nature and extent of soil, groundwater, and soil gas impact based on the historical assessment of the property followed by a subsurface investigation.  Understanding the nature and extent of the potential vapor intrusion source is critical to the preparation of a technically defensible, economically feasible vapor mitigation strategy. Based on the historic operations at a site, if there is a high likelihood of a VI concern, AKT Peerless often conducts pre-design field diagnostics and foundation surveys during the same mobilization as the soil gas assessment to facilitate the design of a mitigation system (if one becomes necessary) saving our clients time and money.

Vapor Mitigation System Design

AKT Peerless has designed vapor mitigation systems for new and existing buildings at a variety of properties. From small residential properties to large industrial properties, AKT Peerless designs effective vapor mitigation systems intended to eliminate VI threats and reduce the risk of exposure to harmful contaminants. AKT Peerless has provided VI assessment, system design and installation services for state regulatory agencies, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and other contractors serving these state and federal agencies. We eliminate waste (time and cost) through the preparation of detailed bid specifications and design drawings that consider the specific site conditions, operations and logistics present for each affected property.

Vapor Mitigation System Installation, Oversight, and Startup

AKT Peerless maintains a staff of experienced vapor mitigation system installers. The goal of our installation team is to quickly and efficiently install effective vapor mitigation systems in accordance with our design specifications taking into account the logistics and operations at every project location. The installation team is available to work during off business hours as necessary to minimize disruption to operating businesses. Occasionally, mechanical contractors are hired by our clients to provide installation services. In these instances, AKT Peerless is available to provide installation oversight to ensure that the vapor mitigation systems are installed according the AKT Peerless design specifications.  Following installation, AKT Peerless verifies the performance and effectiveness of our systems to ensure safe building occupancy and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. Sub-slab and system pressure monitoring, system tuning, and exhaust quality sampling are all conducted to ensure these systems are operating in an optimal manner and meeting state and federal requirements.

Ongoing Monitoring

Depending upon the type of vapor mitigation system that is installed, the type of occupancy of  affected buildings, as well as other factors, AKT Peerless creates site specific monitoring plans that detail the frequency and scope of ongoing monitoring necessary to demonstrate the long term mitigation of the vapor intrusion exposure pathway while meeting state and federal agency guidelines. AKT Peerless also provides training to key site managers to that periodic system inspections and observations can be managed by owners/occupants, saving time and cost.

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