Reduce Your Impact and Improve Performance with AKT’s Sustainability Expertise

We assist our Clients with identifying environmental, social and economic topics that are material to reducing their impact and improving performance. We use these topics to develop a Sustainability Plan, which establishes key performance indicators (KPIs) and reduction targets, measures progress and discloses results. Our approach enables Clients to improve business performance, employee and community relationships and reduce waste.

Material Assessment

AKT Peerless works with our Clients to identify important ESG topics through a proprietary process involving company research, stakeholder engagement, data acquisition and critical analysis. This process will result in defining ESG topics that are most important to our Clients’ business and stakeholders. This information can be used to develop a new sustainability plan, update an existing plan, supplement strategic planning efforts, modify existing sustainability efforts, evaluate the information disclosed and more. 

The Materiality Assessment process begins with the identification of a broad list of relevant topics that may be considered important to the performance of the company. Through a process of review, analysis and stakeholder engagement, that list is reduced and rated based on level of importance. The results of this rating are graphed on a Materiality Matrix. The topics rated the highest by the different sets of stakeholders are considered in the final analysis of Materiality. The result is a list of Material Aspects that are deemed most important for the company’s performance by strategic stakeholders.

Strategic Communication

Assist Clients with developing and managing messaging and stakeholder interaction for environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics.

Provide Clients with methods to provide key ESG messages for targeted audiences. Develop communication plans for a variety of media to ensure consistent and appropriate flow of information.

Sustainability Planning

We assist our Clients with strategic planning to identify, manage and disclose their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. We can enhance the value of the business and drive improvement through stakeholder engagement, goal setting, measuring and managing change and sharing results.

We use the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to develop sustainability reports for our Clients. This includes completing a Materiality Assessment to identify Material ESG Aspects which impact the performance of the Client’s operations. The sustainability plan is then developed around these ESG Aspects and includes standard disclosures as specified by GRI. We assist both municipal and private Clients with sustainability planning services.

We provide initial consulting, full sustainability plan development and implementation consulting services. We work together with our Clients to improve the performance of their business, to enhance employee and community relationships, and to reduce waste. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Interacting and receiving input from various stakeholder groups regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics for municipal and private clients.

AKT Peerless provides a variety of methods of engagement around EGS topics and recommends the appropriate method depending on the type of stakeholders, goals of the Client, timeline and other factors.

The results will include a summary of the process and results, a rating of the most important ESG topics, a matrix showing the results and detailed information on the outcomes for each stakeholder group. This process typically follows a Materiality Assessment but can be tailored to meet the needs of our Client. The results can be used to develop a new or update an existing sustainability plan, modify outreach programs, supplement planning efforts and/or enhance sustainability activities.

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