Environmental Remediation

Comprehensive Environmental Remediation Solutions for your Site-Specific Needs

Choosing the proper remedial solution is essential to minimizing costs during cleanups. Our environmental professionals deliver site-specific services and solutions for property owners by utilizing a combination of cleanup methods that may include removal actions, long-term in-place treatment, engineering barriers, institutional controls, and other risk-based solutions.  AKT Peerless are experts at remediation and can provide litigation support, expert witness testimony & peer review.

Feasibility Analysis and Corrective Action Plans

Selecting the proper remedial method is vital to success.  A feasibility study will compare in-situ, removal, and no action remedial methods. Once the efficacy and costs are known the proper remedial method can be selected. The step by step process to implement and measure the selected remedial method is presented in either a corrective action plan or remedial action plan, depending on the applicable regulations. This process is applied to decommissioning underground and above ground storage tanks, solid waste management units, or other sources of contamination.     

Removal Action

In many cases, the most cost-effective remedial method is excavating the contamination and transporting the waste to a licensed landfill.  However, more complex sites may use a combination of removing the waste and in-situ treatment for contamination remaining on site.

In-situ Methods

At AKT Peerless we consider several different in-situ remedial methods. These may include: (1) vapor intrusion mitigation, (2) free product recovery, (3) chemical oxidation, (4) enhanced reductive dichlorination, (5) soil vapor extraction, (6) dual-phase extraction, (7) groundwater sparging, (8) groundwater extraction and treatment.

Engineered barriers can be used to contain contaminants from migrating. An engineered barrier may be as simple as a parking lot to prevent direct contact with the contamination and a bioswale to handle stormwater runoff or require a landfill cover and slurry walls to protect human health and the environment. AKT Peerless can handle simple or complex solutions.

Natural Attenuation

At times the most cost-effective remedial option is no action. To demonstrate to regulators that a no action option works, some activities necessary. These will include activities such as the following: (1) monitoring natural attenuation, and (2) institutional and land use controls.

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