Economic Development

We work with businesses and state/local units of government to promote the standard of living and economic health within our communities.

  • Incentives & Project Packaging

    Filling gaps in the credit industry by identifying financial incentives and structuring economic development packages to help projects to get off the ground.

  • Brownfield Redevelopment

    Holistic approaches to spur private development activity and investment on underperforming and underutilized sites.

  • Economic Development Planning

    Leveraging financial and political resources for your community to develop a larger toolbox for business attraction or retention.

  • Grantsmanship

    Positioning projects for grants & loans and creating programs that not only get funded but are effective in today’s highly competitive financing landscape.

Building communities.
Helping businesses thrive.

AKT Peerless is one of a handful of companies throughout the country specializing in Economic Development & Incentives Consulting.

We maintain a fullitime dedicated group of economic development, planning, and incentive professionals devoted to strategically securing a wide variety of financial incentives.

Our team has completed thousands of projects, helped allow the creation of thousands of new jobs and secured hundreds of millions of dollars in financial incentives.