Former Marysville Power Station, Marysville, MI

Air Monitoring Services for Asbestos Abatement at the Former DTE Marysville Power Plant.


The project included asbestos abatement and demolition of the former DTE Marysville Power Station and thirteen outbuildings. AKT Peerless provided oversight and air monitoring during the abatement of asbestos containing materials (ACM) based on an initial asbestos survey performed by others. Additionally, suspect materials not previously identified during the initial survey were sampled by AKT personnel to confirm asbestos content. 



AKT Peerless conducted limited air monitoring and project oversight during abatement of regulated asbestos containing pipe insulation, boiler insulation, duct insulation, conduit wrap, boiler/duct gaskets and caulks at the project site. During abatement, AKT Peerless reviewed setup of regulated work areas, negative pressure enclosure integrity, abatement methodologies and effectiveness of final cleanup. Upon completion of abatement and in advance of air clearance, AKT Peerless conducted a visual inspection of regulated work areas to confirm effective removal of ACM. 

AKT Peerless performed air monitoring associated with the project to comply with regulatory requirements. Sampling pumps were pre- and post-calibrated using a secondary rotameter calibrated to a primary standard. Outside work area sampling was conducted during friable abatement to ensure airborne fiber levels were below regulatory limits. Personnel sampling was performed during abatement to ensure compliance with MIOSHA requirements. Post abatement air monitoring was performed after the work was completed to confirm compliance with the Michigan clearance standard. 

Air sampling results indicate airborne fiber levels during and after asbestos abatement remained within regulatory limits. Final clearance levels were below the Michigan required clearance level of 0.05 fibers per cubic centimeter (f/cc) of air in all clearance locations. 


AKT Peerless reviewed abatement work practices for compliance with OSHA and EPA requirements and completed asbestos abatement monitoring.  Air sampling results indicated airborne fiber levels during and after asbestos abatement remained within regulatory limits.  Further, AKT Peerless conducted a post abatement visual clearance inspection to confirm the removal of abated ACM and determined that abatement and subsequent cleanup and disposal met regulatory criteria. In addition to meeting environmental compliance requirements, the successful ACM abatement prepared the structures for maximum recyclability of building materials. 

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