Grandview Commons, Dexter, MI

Environmental and Economic Development services for residential redevelopment in Downtown Dexter, Michigan.


The Grandview Commons project includes the new construction of 76 condominium townhomes, brownstones and apartments on 8 acres that was previously utilized for industrial purposes. The site was historically developed with a residential home and an 82,000 square foot industrial building previously operated by various manufacturing companies and was determined to have been contaminated by the former industrial activities.  The $25 million project will serve as a gateway project to downtown Dexter, Michigan.


AKT Peerless performed environmental due diligence (Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA, BEA, and Documentation of Due Care Compliance), remediation services and oversight and secured brownfield incentives (Brownfield Tax Increment Financing).

The contamination identified at the property included heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, silver, and zinc), semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polychlorinated bi-phenyls (PCBs) in soil and/or groundwater. A 12,000-gallon heating oil UST was also discovered using AKT Peerless’ in-house ground-penetrating radar team and was subsequently removed from the ground along with the surrounding soils to accommodate the new development.

AKT Peerless conducted a supplemental subsurface investigation to define the horizontal and vertical extents of the PCB contamination and then prepared a self-implementing PCB cleanup work plan which was subsequently approved by the USEPA. Additionally, AKT Peerless conducted targeted soil gas sampling in the areas of the proposed construction to evaluate the vapor intrusion exposure pathway. This data was used to design and install sub-slab depressurization systems in select structures. AKT Peerless also completed sampling of the proposed green spaces using the incremental sampling methodology to evaluate the direct contact exposure pathway.


A Brownfield Plan was approved for the Grandview Commons project which included $2.3 million of eligible activities to be reimbursed through tax increment financing.  To date, remediation included the excavation, transport, and disposal of over 16,500 tons of contaminated soil.  Incremental sampling of several of the proposed green spaces areas has also been completed. Active subslab vapor mitigation systems have been and will continue to be installed in several of the buildings.  

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