International Environmental Services, Central and South America

Environmental Due Diligence, underground storage tank and remediation services for multiple properties in Central and South America.


AKT Peerless provided environmental consulting services for a client interested in purchasing agricultural properties in Central and South America. 

The properties included six large multi-parcel agricultural properties in Mexico, Chile, and Peru for growing grapes, avocados, nuts, and citrus fruit. One of which adjoined an active copper mine and required additional environmental assessment. Another required remediation efforts to mitigate several identified environmental concerns. Complicating the project was navigating various international environmental standards and data gaps from lack of reliable historical information. 


AKT Peerless identified and partnered with local experienced environmental contractors in each of the countries to perform field services. AKT Peerless developed scopes of work, oversaw site assessment, subsurface investigation, remediation efforts and underground storage tank removal. AKT Peerless reviewed field reports and assessments, evaluated sample results and performed statistical analyses, prepared Phase II Environmental Site Assessment reports and Environmental Mitigation Completion reports.


AKT Peerless developed and oversaw project teams of skilled international partners that expertly performed site assessments, subsurface investigation, and mitigation efforts to remove identified environmental concerns. The skilled and experienced project teams allowed our client to make informed decisions on the environmental conditions of the properties. The same multi-talented project teams assessed and evaluated the project sites which required additional levels of investigation and remediation efforts.

AKT Peerless was able to complete the Phase I ESAs, Phase II Subsurface Investigation, and Environmental Mitigation efforts allowing the property transactions to proceed. 

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