Residential Condominium Development, Chicago, IL

Environmental Remediation Services for new condominium development in Chicago.


AKT Peerless provided environmental consulting services to a private residential developer to facilitate the redevelopment of a former scrap yard located on the south side of Chicago into a gated residential condominium community with a private park, playground, tennis court, and a dog run.


AKT Peerless entered the subject property into the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) voluntary Site Remediation Program (SRP).  The SRP is a voluntary program under which any persons seeking to perform investigative or remedial activities at a property may receive technical assistance and guidance from the Illinois EPA.  Upon demonstrating that environmental conditions at a property do not present significant risks to human health or the environment through proper investigative and remedial action (when warranted), the Illinois EPA will issue a “No Further Remediation” (NFR) Letter, which signifies a release from further responsibilities under the Illinois Environmental Protection Act. 

AKT Peerless extensively investigated subsurface environmental conditions at the subject property and characterized the nature and extent of contamination resulting from the former scrap yard operations.  To accommodate the future use of the subject property for residential and recreational purposes, AKT Peerless collaborated with the Illinois EPA and the United States EPA to prepare a remedial action plan.

Upon completion of the SRP reporting requirements, an NFR Letter was issued by the Illinois EPA indicating the post-remediation conditions of the subject property are suitable for unrestricted residential and recreational purposes.


Under the approved remedial action plan, AKT Peerless completed the following:

·        The in-situ remediation of approximately 500 tons of soil containing hazardous concentrations of Lead;

·        The excavation and transportation of approximately 450 tons of soil containing hazardous concentrations of PCBs to a licensed hazardous waste landfill for disposal;

·         The excavation and transportation of approximately 8,200-tons of soil containing non-hazardous concentrations of PCBs, Heavy Metals, and other contaminants to a licensed special waste landfill for disposal;

·        The performance of an extensive sampling program to confirm the effectiveness of the remedial activities; and

·        The restoration of the remedial excavation with imported soil meeting the Illinois EPA’s most-stringent remedial objectives.

The remediation and the repurposing of an unutilized property located within a blighted area in the south side of Chicago will serve as a cornerstone for the future revitalization of the area.  Upon completion of the remedial efforts and construction, the client was eligible to receive $3,600,000 from the City of Chicago through tax incentive financing.

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