Hotel St. Regis, Detroit, Michigan

Mold Evaluation and Remediation Services for redevelopment of Hotel St. Regis.


The Hotel St. Regis is a 146,791 square foot six-floor hotel/condominium structure constructed in 1966 with additions in 1972 and 1988. The facility has been undergoing extensive interior renovation since 2018. During renovation activities, extensive mold contamination was discovered. 


AKT Peerless mobilized with abatement team partners to conduct fast-track mold remediation activities. Remediation included removal of mold-impacted building materials and pipe insulation from hotel rooms, lavatories, exterior wall heat register enclosures, hallways, and other common spaces. Mold work was completed utilizing approved negative pressure containment procedures for mold remediation based on the EPA and IICRC (S520) Mold Remediation Guidelines. Negative pressure air scrubbers were equipped with both HEPA as well as activated carbon filters to capture airborne microbial particles. Spaces, where remediation was conducted, were fogged with Concrobium, an organic plant-based microbial surface treatment that provides an antimicrobial shield to prevent mold from returning without the use of harmful chemicals. AKT Peerless performed a final visual inspection with air clearance sampling to determine remediation effectiveness and to facilitate continued renovation activities by other contractors. 


While there are no specific regulations for mold remediation and air testing, industry guidelines have been established for remediation and final clearance test airborne spore counts.  AKT Peerless’ fast, effective response eliminated the identified mold issue. Final air clearance test results for the Hotel St. Regis facility passed industry guidelines, which allowed renovation work to continue with minimal delay. 

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